No Touching Ground



Image of Ramon

Ramon is a musician who plays guitar on 7th and Hill in downtown LA. He had a childhood accident at 5 years old that left him blind. He learned how to play guitar at an early age and now plays for a living in downtown Los Angeles. I met Ramon this past year on 7th and Hill, which was right next to my old art studio. I'd walk past him and listen to him play often. We struck up a relationship and Ramon asked me to paint his portrait. There 's quite a bit more to this story and our relationship, but as of now this is an editioned print of the portrait I painted of Ramon.

18"x14" Archival pigment print on 290 gsm Moab Entrada Cotton Rag paper.
Edition of 250, signed and numbered on the front.

20% of all proceeds from the print go directly to Ramon.